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Theo thống kê của LHQ, nước Mỹ có 18,5 triệu người sống trong nghèo khốn

Subject: ***_Phòng_Ngân_Sách_Quốc Hội: sau_10_năm_nợ_Mỹ_sẽ _bằng_cả_kinh_tế_Mỹ - sau 30_năm_nó_sẽ_GẤP_ĐÔI_!!!
From: Mike Wilson
Date: Wed, June 27, 2018 12:30 pm

Để mị dân, lừa dân, bịp dân bọn Cộng Hòa và Trump cãi lý và dụ ngọt rằng
do giảm thuế mà nền kinh tế sẽ khá lên đến độ giúp nhà nước thu thêm thuế
để bù đắp cho chỗ thiếu hụt do luật giảm thuế của chúng;
nhưng Phòng Ngân Sách Quốc Hội và các nhà phân tích khách quan KHÔNG ĐỒNG Ý với lập luận này !

Theo Phòng Ngân Sách Quốc Hội, đến cuối năm nay, nợ công sẽ lên đến 78% GDP,
tới năm 2028 nợ công sẽ gần bằng (= 96%) GDP, sau nữa sẽ vượt qua kỷ lục nợ công 106% thời Thế Chiến II .

Nợ công hiện nay là 15 ngàn tỉ, sau 10 năm số nợ tăng thêm (additional) sẽ là 18,4 ngàn tỉ (tổng cộng 33,4 ngàn tỉ đô la).

Nếu cứ tiếp tục mị dân và giữ nguyên chính sách thuế này, thì đến năm 2048 (30 năm nữa) nợ công của Mỹ sẽ gấp đôi (200%) GDP. Quốc dân Mỹ làm ra 1 đồng, sẽ phải vay nợ 2 đồng !!!

Đến lúc đó, chỉ nội tiền trả lãi cho nợ công (không kể gốc nợ) cũng đã cao hơn ngân sách An Toàn Xã Hội (Social Security) cho quốc dân Mỹ !

"Đời cha ăn mặn, đời con khát nước"

Các chính khách Mỹ "mua hiện tại, để bán cả tương lai"
Nhưng họ đâu cần - họ là dân giàu, con cháu họ sẽ tiếp tục giàu :
Chỉ có dân thường và con cháu (dân thường) là ... "lãnh đủ" !!!

Đó ! BẢN CHẤT NGỤY của chế độ Mỹ !!!

Học đi - cho khỏi thắc mắc, nghi ngờ !!!

T.B. : Theo thống kê của LHQ, nước Mỹ có 18,5 triệu người sống trong nghèo cùng khốn quẫn (extreme poverty), nhưng chính quyền Trump nói, chỉ có 250 ngàn người thôi !


Poverty in US set to increase due to Donald Trump’s policies, says UN official
The federal debt is headed for the highest levels since World War II, CBO says

Government debt is on track to hit historically high levels and at its current growth rate will be nearly equal in size to the U.S. economy by 2028, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday.

By the end of this year, the ratio of federal debt to the United States' gross domestic product will reach 78 percent, according to the CBO, the highest ratio since 1950.
The debt is projected to grow to 96 percent of GDP by 2028 before eventually surpassing the historical high of 106 percent it reached in 1946.

Currently, the federal government’s debt burden is about $15 trillion, according to Marc Goldwein, senior vice president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan think tank.
[The U.N. says 18.5 million Americans are in "extreme poverty." Trump’s team says just 250,000 are.]

The 1946 high was prompted by a spending push to fund World War II, and other spikes in the debt have been driven by economic downturns. But the current bump (in debt) comes amid a relatively healthy economy, suggesting a structural gap between how much the country collects in taxes and how much it spends.

The “debt-to-GDP” measurement compares the overall amount of debt held by the federal government with the size of the entire U.S. economy. Economists use the comparison, which takes into account inflation and overall economic growth, to illustrate the scope of the deficit.

The long-term deficit analysis that CBO released Tuesday goes beyond its typical assessments of budget outlooks within the next decade. The analysis makes clear the deficit projections are impossible to gauge with complete precision, in part because it cannot account for unforeseen changes to federal policy, economic trends or global events.

The CBO projects the Republican tax law passed last fall will add $18.4 trillion to the federal deficit over the next 10 years. Republican leaders have argued the cuts will jump-start the economy, creating enough economic growth to offset much of the additions to the debt. But CBO and other nonpartisan analysts have repeatedly rejected that claim.

> The federal debt increases each year by more than the deficit. For FY 2018 the federal budget estimates that the federal debt will increase by about $1.27 trillion. That’s about $437 billion more than the official “deficit.” See Federal Debt.
US Federal Deficit by Year - plus charts and analysis

US Federal Deficit by Year - plus chart...

Beyond 10 years, CBO said that its estimates are far less precise but that it does not see the tax law creating large-scale, long-term additions to the national debt. “Beyond 2028, the effects of the [tax law's] major permanent provisions are expected to be modest, although their precise magnitudes are highly uncertain,” CBO said.
In its analysis, the CBO assumes the law’s cuts to the individual income tax will expire before the end of this decade. In writing the bill, Republicans set those rates to expire as part of an effort to get their measure to comply with the procedural rules they used to pass it through the Senate.
But GOP leaders repeatedly said that the tax cuts will not be allowed to expire, promising that a future Congress will act to extend them. If the individual tax cuts are extended, the law's projected additions to the deficit would probably increase dramatically.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said Tuesday that U.S. debt would reach about 200 percent of GDP in 2048 if the tax cuts and the Congressional spending packaged agreed to last March are made permanent.

The CBO still projects debt rising very quickly, with particularly fast growth in the amount America spends on its debt interest payments. Interest costs are expected to approximately double as a share of the economy over the next decade and even overtake the cost of funding Social Security — the biggest expenditure in the federal budget — by 2048.


15 hours ago
The 15 Trillion (debt) comes about after you subtract the current assets and tax revenues the federal government holds or receives.

15 hours ago
Here's a chart, https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?graph_id=314899&rn=4770 that shows the debt by who holds the debt. The $15 trillion is what the public holds. The 21 trillion is the total debt and includes what is held by Social Security and other government agencies. The Fed (government agencies) also holds almost 3 trillion of the debt.

pragmatic dothraki
17 hours ago
let us have a moment of reflection :

all of the New Deal, WWII, Marshall Plan, New Frontier, and Space Race (vs. U.S.S.R.) debt combined is less than from Ronald Reagan to now (under republican fiscal "policy").

Ronald Reagan caused a recession which left the term of (far more prepared to be president) George Bush-the-elder to be a single term.

It took Bill Clinton to balance the budget, by one vote (Al Gore's tiebreaker) which led to a booming economy...but the debt from Reagan/Bush was still there. (couldn't pay it down)

And of course, George Bush-the-younger wrecked the American economy (with tax cuts, plus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan)

which left America in a quandary
between a black man and a woman to fix things.
(that's Obama and his wife).
Barack Obama saved the 401k (retirement plans)
and houses of most people in America.

And because he is extraordinarily gifted, he was able to kick the last leg out of the so-called rugged individualist argument and saved children's lives, then passed (again, with a single deciding vote) "Obamacare" which left him with the ever-lasting ire of the right-wing and racist (separately and/or together) factions of the republican party.

He "ruined America" so much that most republican states are loving "Obamacare". (which trump wanted to destroy - but still could not, up to now.)

9 hours ago
"The federal debt is headed for the highest levels since World War II"

Amazing! You hand out money you don't have to rich people who don't need it and find you are more in debt than before you did so. Who would have thought that could happen, - the experience of Kansas under Brownback notwithstanding ? (Kansas tried the similar tax cuts and failed.) The money tree didn't grow any faster when fertilized by people squirreling money away (into the coffers of the rich). Who could have guessed that would happen? Who could have anticipated that only 4% of the tax cut would turn into increased wages, with most of it going to stock buybacks instead? How is it possible that the trickle down effect is only, well, a trickle? Who knew budgeting could be so difficult? It's unprecedented ! The CBO must be wrong because their facts contradict Republican beliefs, and beliefs always "trump" facts (especially in Trump world) because it is easier to continue believing dogma than to learn something new or change one's mind. Still, we can pay it all off once we've won the tariff war ( ha ! ha !) and demand reparations that the world will rush to pay us because of the greatness of our Dear Leader. (ha ! ha ! ha !)

14 hours ago
You know it's bad when Moody's, owned by bizillionaire Warren Buffet and a ratings agency that willfully ignored the last financial crisis, is signaling future downgrades to our debt. The U.S. fiscal situation is a disaster. The last time we had a stock market bubble like this at least we were running a couple of budget surpluses during the Clinton years.

Idiotic tax cut in booming economy but with rising deficits and national debt is setting up for cataclysmic credit induced financial collapse. There are no more silver bullets left when the inevitable recession comes. We're closer to being Italy or even Argentina than we think. When investors in Treasury bonds want higher rates to cover the risks of owning U.S. debt, interest rates will rise significantly, catapulting annual interest expenses to the point where they will exceed even our bloated defense budget.


15 hours ago
Yes like the last thing we should have done was cut taxes at a point when the overall economy is continuing it's multiple year climb back from the Bush recession. This is the time we should be paying down the debt and trimming spending (but we did not). What the republican led congress and trump signing was beyond (worse than) bad economic policy. And in an attempt to win more elections they are floating the idea of yet another tax cut. Which leads me to my last point, while we need to reach a solution, it must also be pounded into the heads of the public what brought us to this point and the horrible fiscal polices behind it and who voted them into being (into office), so those people can be voted out of office in favor of someone more responsible and willing to put country over party.
I would point out : not one dime has went towards paying down the national debt from when it first exploded under Reagan, and his version of supply side economics, aka trickle down economics, aka horse and sparrow economics, which was the overwhelming fiscal policy belief of the last 30+ years. We pay the bare basics (interest cost) of what we owe lenders which doesn't even cover the entire interest payment as we keep spending on top of it. So I would like to point out the $3.5 Trillion debt Reagan left has more than doubled now. HW Bush's (the father) $500 Billion is now $1 Trillion. And W Bush's (the son) $6 Trillion is continuing to grow as well. This is important to know and understand if you want to attempt to fix it. Though many will say I'm blaming the other (republican) side. That's because they don't want to face reality.

13 hours ago
Ryan and McConnell went all in with the Trump tax cut. They put all the money down on a bet that tax cuts would trigger big gains and keep the party at their house rolling. In their minds the growth would enable the GOP control of the wagon train (control the governing power) and that was worth betting everything. If the growth part didn't pan out (materialize) they would be moving on (out of Congress to retirement) anyway so, what the hell, "lets do it so at least we have some money to retire on"! Its sort of like running your credit cards up to the limit and counting on winning the lottery to bail you out.

You know someone is getting their pockets filled with the American estate because the plan is so blatantly stupid that no one would support it unless they (the rich who control Congress) were receiving a kickback (in the form of tax cuts).

16 hours ago
So lets say the tax cuts would have increased the debt A LOT. But perhaps less than CBO estimates, if the economy operates at a higher level. Now add in the damage to the economy from the idiot trade war. The net effect will be to (a) have the economy at a level that negates the positive effect of the tax cuts, i.e., operating as though the tax cuts never occurred ... but also (b) have the massive debt of (incurred by) the tax cuts anyway. (The Republican-trump tax law is) Absolute total stupidity.

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