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Thời trước, các chính trị gia Mỹ "xoáy đểu" (spin) thông tin - Thời nay, họ nói dối thẳng thừng.

Subject: ***_Theo_Paul_Krugman_:_Donal d_Trump_và_băng đảng_nói_dối_!
From: Mike Wilson
Date: Mon, March 06, 2017 11:35 am

Theo ông Paul Krugman:
Thời trước, (như thời George W. Bush), các chính trị gia Mỹ chỉ "xoáy đểu" (spin) thông tin. Thời nay, Trump và bộ sậu của y nói dối thẳng thừng !
Họ không hề biết thế nào là trơ trẽn vô liêm sỉ !

Vài thí dụ :

1. Jeff Sessions, Bộ Trưởng Tư Pháp, nói dối trước sát hạch tiền bổ nhiệm của Quốc Hội, che dấu việc y đã gặp Đại sứ Nga 2 lần trong kỳ tranh cử trong khi y là một thành viên quan trọng trong kế hoạch tranh cử của Trump .

2. Scott Pruitt, được bổ nhiệm lãnh đạo EPA, Cơ quan Bảo Vệ Môi Trường, đã nói dối Quốc Hội về việc dùng email cá nhân cho việc công .

3. Tom Price, Bộ Trưởng Y Tế, nói dối Quốc Hội giấu nhẹm việc được giao kèo "thương vụ đặc biệt" (sweetheart deal) để mua cổ phần giá thật rẻ của một công ty công nghệ sinh học .

4. Steven Mnuchin, Bộ Trưởng Tài Chánh, nói dối Quốc Hội rằng công ty của y đã không "ký như máy" (robot signed) các văn kiện xiết nhà của dân mà không xem xét trước .

5. Michael Flynn bị trượt chức cố vấn anh ninh quốc gia vì đã nói dối Quốc Hội, giấu nhẹm việc gặp các viên chức Nga trong kỳ tranh cử TT vừa qua .

6. Donald Trump, kẻ tổ chức Miss Universe ở Nga 3 năm trước, mới năm ngoái y còn huênh hoang "Tôi biết rõ nước Nga" tháng vừa rồi y lại nói dối, "Đã 10 năm nay tôi chưa hề gọi (điện) đến Nga ".

Donald Trump lại còn bịa đặt rằng năm 2015 tỉ lệ sát nhân tại Mỹ lên cao nhất trong vòng 45 năm nay, trong khi nó chỉ bằng nửa so với năm 1990, và y vẫn NHIỀU LẦN LẶP LẠI lời nói dối láo khoét đó SAU KHI sự thật đã bị vạch trần !!!

Tệ hơn cả, mới đây, Trump vu khống TT Obama cho lệnh đặt máy nghe lén y tại Trump Tower! Một lừa bịp trắng trợn khủng khiếp của Trump đến độ James Comey (một gã tay trong của đảng Cộng Hòa), Giám Đốc FBI, đã phải yêu cầu Bộ Tư Pháp công khai bác bỏ cáo buộc vô cớ này !

Tự do ngôn luận, từ lỗ miệng Donald Trump, đã bị y khạc nhổ xuống hầm cầu của nền dân chủ ngụy, bất lương, bá đạo do chính y cầm đầu !

Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty
By Paul Krugman
The first casualty of Trump is truth.
Paul Krugman

The latest big buzz is about Jeff Sessions, the attorney general. It turns out that he lied during his confirmation hearings, denying that he had met with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. In fact, he met twice with the Russian ambassador, who is widely reported to also be a key spymaster.
Not incidentally, if this news hadn’t come to light, forcing Mr. Sessions to recuse himself, he would have supervised the investigation into Russian election meddling, possibly in collusion with the Trump campaign.

But let’s not focus too much on Mr. Sessions. After all, he is joined in the cabinet by Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, who lied to Congress about his use of a private email account; Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services, who lied about a sweetheart deal to purchase stock in a biotechnology company at a discount; and Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, who falsely told Congress that his financial firm didn’t engage in “robo-signing” of foreclosure documents, seizing homes without proper consideration.
And they would have served with Michael Flynn as national security adviser, but for the fact that Mr. Flynn was forced out after the press discovered that, like Mr. Sessions, he had lied about contacts with the Russian ambassador.

At this point it’s easier to list the Trump officials who haven’t been caught lying under oath than those who have. This is not an accident.

Critics of our political culture used to complain, with justification, about politicians’ addiction to spin — their inveterate habit of downplaying awkward facts and presenting their actions in a much better light than they deserved. But all indications are that the age of spin is over. It has been replaced by an era of raw, shameless dishonesty.
In part, of course, the pervasiveness of lies reflects the character of the man at the top: No president, or for that matter major U.S. political figure of any kind, has ever lied as freely and frequently as Donald Trump. But this isn’t just a Trump story. His ability to get away with it, at least so far, requires the support of many enablers: almost all of his party’s elected officials, a large bloc of voters and, all too often, much of the news media.

It’s important not to indulge in an easy cynicism, to say that politicians have always lied and always will. What we’re getting from Mr. Trump is simply on a different plane from anything we’ve seen before.
For one thing, politicians used to limit their outright lies to matters not easily checked — hidden affairs, under the table deals, and so on. But now we have the man who ran the Miss Universe competition in Moscow three years ago, and who declared just last year that “I know Russia well,” then last month said, “I haven’t called Russia in 10 years.”

On matters of policy, politicians used to limit their misrepresentations of facts and impacts to relatively hard-to-verify assertions. When George W. Bush insisted that his tax cuts mainly went to the middle class, this wasn’t true, but it took some number-crunching to show that. Mr. Trump, however, makes claims like his assertion that the murder rate — which ticked up in 2015 but is still barely half what it was in 1990 — is at a 45-year high. Furthermore, he just keeps repeating such claims after they’ve been debunked.
And the question is, who’s going to stop him?
The moral vacuity of Republicans in Congress, and the unlikelihood that they’ll act as any check on the president, becomes clearer with each passing day. Even the real possibility that we’re facing subversion by agents of a foreign power, and that top officials are part of the story, doesn’t seem to faze them as long as they can get tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the poor.

Meanwhile, Republican primary election voters, who are the real arbiters when polarized and/or gerrymandered districts make the general election irrelevant for many politicians, live in a Fox News bubble into which awkward truths never penetrate.

And what about the Fourth Estate (the Media) ? Will it let us down, too?

To be fair, the first weeks of the Trump administration have in important ways been glory days for journalism; one must honor the professionalism and courage of the reporters who have been ferreting out the secrets this authoritarian-minded clique is so determined to keep.

But then you watch something like the way much of the news media responded to Mr. Trump’s congressional address, and you feel despair. It was a speech filled with falsehoods and vile policy proposals, but read calmly off the teleprompter — and suddenly everyone was declaring the liar in chief “presidential.”

The point is that if that’s all it takes to exonerate the most dishonest man ever to hold high office in America, we’re doomed. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

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Tolaf T

March 3, 2017
"No president, or for that matter major U.S. political figure of any kind, has ever lied as freely and frequently as Donald Trump." Amen...

March 3, 2017
Remember when "character" was the litmus test for the presidency? Sigh.This guy is a fraud who will sell out practically anybody and anything...

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